Friday, August 31st

Come dance with Suroit at the D’jâble dans l’corps dance on Friday August 30th, 2019.


Saturday, August 31st

Réveil returns to the Acadian Festival for the 12th time at the Évangéline and Gabriel’s Dance on Saturday, August 31st, 2019.

Réveil, recognized as one of the most popular bands in Acadia, was formed in 2006. Throughout the years, they’ve recorded four albums: Sans problem (2007), Ah! Qu’il faut beau! (2009), On y va!!! (2012) and Allez, buvez. All original songs are by the brother-and-sister duo of Kevin Arsenault and Nancy Blanchard. Their music is often played on Francophone radio stations throughout Atlantic Canada. Whenever there is a major Acadian show in the Maritimes, Réveil is always there!


Saturday afternoon, August 31st, 2019 at 2pm.

Gadelle is a four-member, traditional French-Acadian band hailing from the Evangeline Region of PEI. The four members of the group are Louise Arsenault & HeleneBergeron (formerly of internationally-renowned group Barachois), Caroline Bernard and Rémi Arsenault. All seasoned performers, Gadelle members play and dance with ferocity and conviction while putting on one heck of a show. All four members are multi-instrumentalists playing and switching instruments and trading turns stepping throughout the show.

The sound is Acadian, the songs are French, the banter is bilingual, the Acadian spirit is alive!