Volunteers play a very important role in order to assure the success of the Festival. Without the involvement of many volunteers there probably would not be a Festival. Taking part as a volunteer will bring you the satisfaction of having contributed to the success of the event and of being part of the important history of this event which is now well over 100 years old.

You are invited to participate as a volunteer in one of the many committees of the Festival or by contributing some of your time during the weekend of the Festival.

The Board has put in place several measures over the years to recognize the work of volunteers in the community.

Acadian of the Year and the Acadian Youth of the Year

First of all, there is the awards of Acadian of the Year and the Acadian Youth of the Year. Volunteerism is a big factor in the selection of the annual winners of these two prestigious awards. Selection criteria and nomination process are available on this website.

Incentives for volunteers

The Board has also put in place several incentives to encourage volunteer participation.

Admission passes – all volunteers who contribute 3 hours of their time over the weekend of the Festival will receive a free pass for the day on which they have contributed their time.

Members of the various Festival committees will be provided with day(only) passes for the day agreed to by the Committee.

Thank You Draw – In order to increase volunteer participation, the 2018 Board has decided to implement a Thank You Draw as a means of appreciation of all volunteer efforts. Winners will be drawn during the annual evaluation meeting in the month following each annual edition of the Festival. Two prizes will be awarded to two (2) adults who have volunteered their time during the latest edition and one prize will be awarded to a school age student who has qualified for the draw.

In order to qualify for the draw, one must have contributed at least 6 hours of his/her time during the Festival weekend. A ticket will be given for each 6 hours contributed. Committee members will receive one ticket in recognition of their work during the year. Individuals who have volunteered their time to community organizations, which have contracted their services to the Festival during the weekend, will also be eligible for the draw and will receive one ticket for each 6 hours of time volunteered during the weekend of the Festival.

Recruitment – volunteer recruitment goes on throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering please let the Board know by sending an email to the Festival at: [email protected] and by specifying your areas of interest.